Grass Cutting Schedule

BCP Council commenced grass cutting in the conurbation on April 4th and whilst it was envisaged to take approximately 6 weeks, due to recent Bank Holidays and favourable weather for grass growth they are slightly delayed in completing the first scheduled cut.

Residents can see when areas where last cut and it will give an idea of when the next one is due based on a 6 week schedule on the BCP Council website. The area will not be displayed until after the first cut date has been inputted.

Notice of the period for the exercise of public rights 2021-22
The Queens Jubilee Trees

Jubilee flag

The Parish Council had been approached by parishioners regarding 2 special commemorative suggestions for the area.


It was proposed that 2 trees are planted within the parish to mark the occasion of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

One has been planted on the village green in Holdenhurst, the other will be planted around October 2022 near the pond in Lavender Road, Throop Village.