Holdenhurst Village Green

Holdenhurst Village Conservation Area, Bournemouth, Dorset

The heritage villages of Throop & Holdenhurst are each designated as conservation areas.

Conservation areas are designated for their particular character and where the area is considered valuable and worthy of preservation.

The villages contain the largest cluster of listed buildings within the BCP area. Set within an agricultural, rural setting, Throop and Holdenhurst enjoy riverside and countryside surroundings. To date any development has been restricted due to conservation regulations and being surrounded by green belt.

The parish council will seek to ensure that the conservation status is upheld and that the area remains protected for future posterity.

The Holdenhurst Village Conservation document can be viewed here https://www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/Planning-and-building-control/Urban-design-trees-and-conservation/conservation-areas/Docs/Holdenhurst-Village-Conservation-Area-Appraisal.pdf



Throop Village Vintage

Throop and Muccleshell Village Conservation Area, Bournemouth, Dorset

The Throop & Muccleshell Conservation area encompasses the rural hamlet of Throop Village and the area known as Muccleshell (which is located near the corner of Throop Road and Broadway Lane and along Watery Lane). Muccleshell Farmhouse and Muccleshell Cottages are the remaining references to the small farming area.

The area has the largest cluster of listed buildings in the conurbation with some dating back to saxon medieval period, and several former farmworker cottages.

The Conservation area is set within a sensitive and highly valued area of open countryside providing long ditance views across the water meadows and across the River Stour.

Predominantly the area has always been a centre for agriculture, with the historic Throop Mill which was recorded in the Domesday book. Other historic buildings (now converted to dwellings) were producers of ships biscuits, the staple diet of Tudor sailors.
Hicks Farm sits within the heart of the village. This has been a farmholding for hundreds of years, and is currently under the ownership of BCP Council.

Throop is a popular place for riverside walks. The pastures,  water meadows and woodland areas provide natural habitats for many species of widlife and plant life. The biodiversity of the area thrives due to low environmental impact.

The parish council is working to ensure that the conservation area is enhanced, protected and valued for future posterity.Muccleshell