BCP Green Infrastructure Strategy

Green Infrastructure Strategy- Summary Document

Green Infrastructure Strategy Summary Document
Green Infrastructure Strategy 2022-2031 Investing in a healthy, biodiverse, resilient and world class city region

Green Infrastructure Strategy – Technical Report

Proposed housing development in Green Belt of Throop and Holdenhurst

The BCP local plan has identified 30 building development sites – over 2000 new houses – within the Ward of Strouden Park and Muscliff and the Parish of Throop and Holdenhurst.

This is the greatest number of ward sites in the whole of BCP and the small villages of Throop an Holdenhurst are taking the biggest hit, with the Green Belt and Conservation Areas under great threat.

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Development of the Throop Nature Park (Hicks SANG)

BCP Cabinet Agenda item 9th March 2022

The Big Plan of BCP Council includes developing 15,000 new homes within our city region which is adjacent to sensitive and vulnerable habitats, including the Dorset Heathlands which are designated areas for special protection. Any increase in footfall in those sensitive heathland areas threatens their fragile ecosystem.

This is why, in order to protect those habitats, Natural England stipulates the development of SANGs whenever additional housing is being proposed which could result in more people visiting the heathlands. This is a heathland mitigation measure.

A SANG is a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces (SANGs). It is a space provided for leisure to attract people away from the sensitive heathland. The purpose of this SANG is to serve as heathland mitigation to enable the commencement and occupation of large scale residential schemes of 50 units and over in Bournemouth, including the Winter Gardens site as well as others.

This development at Throop will follow the Natural England guidelines for SANGs, providing attractive areas for walking, linking to the cycle network, and including the provision of a small car park which will be screened by vegetation from Throop Village.

Additional planting will add interest and support an increase in biodiversity. These plans are consistent with the longer term plans for Hicks Farm and the Stour Valley Park.

We will work constructively with the Throop and Holdenhurst parish Council to deliver the SANG.

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  • A338 Bournemouth Spur Road/Wessex Fields.   Having been previously refused, plans are still on the statute book for development at Wessex Fields and an associated road link. These plans have not been withdrawn by BCP Council. The impact of this is potentially critical, specifically if BCP Council proceed with taking land from Holdenhurst Village for the construction of road access. This will majorly impact on the Holdenhurst Village landscape, plus will provide an opportunity for a future spur from this link – opening up the fields right through Holdenhurst to Throop for housing development.
  • Stour Valley Park – BCP Council                                              BCP Council is leading on a proposal to create a public park running from Hengistbury Head through to Kingston Lacy. The suggestion is to create cycle ways, footpaths and open up public access to the countryside and riverside. Whilst enjoying the outdoors is to be welcomed, we need to monitor any aspects of the development that could have a negtive impact upon the parish.
  • Burial Ground in Muscliffe Lane                                        Although nothing has been officially announced, BCP Council has plans for a burial ground at Berry Hill in Muscliffe.  This will involve agricultural land that has historically been used for farming tenants. The Parish Council will update parishioners when any further information becomes available.
  • Throop SANG                                                                           Despite previously being thrown out by BCP Council Planning Committee – the Throop SANG was considered at an extraordinary meeting and subsequently given approval. This involves construction of a car park on the green belt and opening up pathways and dog excercising areas on the water meadows and farmland. The Parish Council will be closely monitoring any development of the SANG and any impact resulting from it.
  • Hicks Farm Development                                                      As part of the Stour Valley Park, BCP Council has published documentation proposing a ‘major gateway’ at Hicks Farm in Throop Village. As a parish we will monitor any further announcements and gather views from parishioners. We want to ensure that Hicks Farm is retained for its rural heritage and will be asking BCP Council about its state of disrepair.
  • Future Residential Housing                                                     As you will have seen in the media, there is a lot of pressure from national government to local authorities to allocate land for housing development. Clearly property developers prefer to build on green field sites as they are cheaper and easier for construction, and properties are more soled more profitably. BCP Council will be developing a local plan which will incorporate housing need and potential sites.  Green belt land around Throop & Holdenhurst has been earmarked for development. The parish council should be informed statutorily of any land use proposal.