BCP Local Plan- THVC Submission and Pin Statements Document

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River Stour Throop

The strong demand nationally for new homes makes it inevitable local authorities will be looking for land on which to build. The growth targets mean that green belt land is coming under increased pressure and the urban sprawl could impact on the swathe of countryside that currently exists between the borders of Bournemouth and Christchurch.

Neighbourhood planning, which was introduced by the government in 2011, allows communities to decide where they want this housing to be built and what best suits their needs in accordance with the local district council and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Simply put, without a community agreed Neighbourhood Plan new homes will be built where developers see opportunities, rather than on sites that the whole community agrees that are most appropriate.

Neighbourhood plans can only be adopted after extensive consultation with people living and working in the Parish.

As a newly formed parish (village) council [established 1/4/21] creating a neighbourhood plan will be one of our key priorities. The Council will seek views of parishioners and will strive to develop a plan that ensures that any permitted development is sympathetic and appropriate and takes into consideration the conservation status of historic Throop and Holdenhurst. We know the parish is under threat and will endeavour to mitigate negative impact wherever possible.